New Venture
Wow!  Who knew it was such a long time since my last blog???  In my defense I have been working since Elijah started school.  I have now left work to concentrate on my health and rest my feet (which are failing me!)

I needed something to keep my mind busy.  All my sewing gear is packed away.  I needed to earn a little cash.  So I thought long and hard about my next step.  I did loads of research and came across Scentsy.  I know it is quite well established in the States and has been in NZ for a year now.

I am in love with the products.  They are such a nice quality and I'm going to enjoy sharing them with friends.  It hasn't been easy convincing people to try it though.  I guess we are a bit of a candle nation with the likes of Ecoya having a decent share of the luxury candle market.

I like that Scentsy uses flameless warmers and diffusers - so much safer than candles and I am one to forget to blow out a candle before leaving the house.

Anyway more about that later but in the meantime if you click through you can read a little bit about us and check out the beautiful products I have to offer


So.... I'm almost ready to get back into blogging but first I need to clear out the old in order to start on the new.  Which means I'm having a giveaway AND a sale over on my facebook page.  I would love for you to join in
Once I reach 200 likers I will open the sale folder and everything will be hmmm....

Yes, $5 and under!  So if you're not already a liker, head on over and send me in your guesses!

Shave for a Cure is an awesome way to support the 10,000. Check out this awesome event! #Shave11

Just putting the word out for a friend. She will be shaving her hair off in support of those living with blood cancers and other blood conditions.

Any amount will help - even a $5 donation if you can afford to give. If you cannot afford to give at this time, leave a message of support on her link instead as I'm sure she will appreciate it.


PS- still not quite ready to get back into blogging, I'm sure I will be back into a routine soon enough though

Real Life is Tough

image from

I know that in life we are never dealt more than we can handle but I don't know how much more I can take.  I feel I'm on that downward spiral and there is no ending in sight.  I can't go into it too much on the blog but right now I'm glad that I have a lot of support from friends and family.  I'll be taking [another] little break from blogging - hopefully this time it won't be as long as the last break!

Pain is my new best friend...

Yesterday I took the plunge and went along to a group fitness session.  I cannot believe I actually jogged!  My goal was to be running by Christmas so my jaw just about dropped when our instructor (Kirstin) told us to run across the field and back as a warm up.  It wasn't even that far but I have far more jiggly bits than the other girls.  But I did it.

Today my body is aching BUT it feels good.  Although I feel quite sore, I feel refreshed.  The pain makes me realise how long it's been since I've actually used some muscles.  So my new goal is to lose 35kg before I hit 35.  Possible?  Should be since it gives me 9 months to do it in.

Pretty Mail

Christmas Challenge

I have been really slack this week.  I don't think I even started on anything except this:

I'm about to wash this since the sun is shining - my 1 hour FQ picnic blanket using vintage sheets.  Basic but useful.

Xmas Tree Alternative

Have the kids paint one

We have limited space in our townhouse and I don't really want a fake Christmas tree taking up much needed room so I had Elijah paint me one at kindy today.  He's looking forward to hanging it on the wall come December ready for gifts.  I'm so glad he is the sort of kid that appreciates handmade.  I'll be making the most of it before his school friends change all that!

The Christmas Challenge - Week One

We have come to the end of the first week of November already.  Is it just me or did that go incredibly fast?  I have to say I'm starting to get a bit panicky about Christmas.  I want everything to be just right this year.  My sewing list isn't long and I'm hoping to have it all finished by Dec 1st.  You can see my list up there - press the Christmas Challenge tab.

I did a little this week but was easily sidetracked.  After success making my first sock monkey (a Rugby World Cup 2011 monkey for my little rugby fan) I had a go at making a smaller version.  It didn't work for me.  It was frustrating that I couldn't get it perfect.  Elijah wasn't impressed that I used his socks - apparently they were his favourite.  I think he is lying, actually pretty sure they're not his favourite.

stubborn monkey
Then thinking about Christmas decorations I whipped up some bunting - not on my list (again, I am easily sidetracked)

You'll have to imagine this on the wall
The thought of sewing a whole lot of triangles didn't appeal (I have done it before) so I went with something I found on pinterest (oh how I am loving pinterest)

On to the gifts I'm supposed to be making!  I literally whipped up these two bag bags using teatowels and a piece of ribbon - easy.

Three skirts for the little girls in my family - two are made with vintage sheeting and the other with new fabric I had in my stash.

So while I still have a few weeks of November left, I know it's going to be busy.  I also have to think about a gift for kindy as it will be Elijah's last day at the end of term.

Blog giveaway wins & request for ideas

I feel very lucky today.  On opening my email this morning I discovered not one but two giveaways I'd entered requesting my postal details!  What I like most about blog giveaways is that the majority of them are handcrafted - and knowing that a lot of care and thought goes into them makes them just that little bit extra special.

If you haven't already seen Rhiannon's Month of Costumes then you need to check them out.  I can tell she had a lot of fun putting them together and has a far bigger imagination than I have. 

stolen from Rhiannon's blog Remarquable Junque
I was lucky enough to be her swap partner in the Vintage Baby Swap organised by Stella so I'm quite looking forward to a surprise arriving in the mail.  Elijah still plays with the fishing set that Rhiannon made and the crochet ball sits with baby toys brought out when littlies come to visit.

The next email was from Suzy who hosted a giveaway on Strung Art.  We get to choose which photo we would like printed.  I thought this:

photo taken from

would suit my sister perfectly.  So now all I will have to do is frame it and that'll be her Xmas present done.  She is impossbile to buy for.  If you have a crafty friend or family member then I suggest you check out the etsy store - you can buy the wool and I guess if you ask nicely Suzy might sell you prints of her wool (she spends a lot of time displaying them, definitely worth having a look) but I am only just guessing.

It's Monday so that means washing day - I have four loads (three of them bedding) and Auckland weather is doing what it usually doesn - rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine - cannot complain though because my little garden is looking great. 

ETA - I almost forgot what I was meant to post - I am about 20 posts away from 400 so I will be hosting a giveaway.  What I would like to know is what you think I should giveaway.  Have a browse of my blog then let me know what you think.

Felt Xmas decorations & thoughts about Xmas

I'm still undecided on whether to buy a tree this year or just find a branch that will serve as a makeshift Xmas tree.  Really it is only for Elijahs benefit and although I'd love a real (or even artificial) Xmas tree, we really don't have the room for one.

I started to hand stitch some decorations from the tree.  I'm not 100% sure where I got the crocheted flowers.  There are really only two possibilities: thrifted or from the lovely Cat who kindly gave me a good pile of fabric a while ago.  I think they look pretty cute if you can see past my stitching.

I'm picturing a different kind of Christmas this year.  I get half the day with Elijah and his father will have him in the afternoon.  This means we won't be able to leave Auckland but oh well, lucky my family is here!

The goal this year is to make a lot of the presents using what supplies I already have.  So far so good, thanks to the Christmas Challenge.  I have three handmade presents ready to wrap.  I have loads of vintage sheets so if I get my A into G I should really get some bunting sewn up - something I've been promising myself for hmmm well over a year!

I miss the Christmases we had as kids, going away in the house bus to the Coromandel and staying at Simpson's Beach (don't think they own the land any more?), swimming in the creek that ran out to sea.  Isn't it funny that of all the things you remember about Christmas: all the family together for lunch, the smell of the tree, the sparkly tinsel, the ridiculous amounts of food (pavlova and trifle a must), the sunburn (oh yes back then it was just a way of life), the rain (it always seems to rain on Xmas day if only a shower), the crackers, the gift wrap - it seems gifts are way down on my list.  I can only hope that I make Xmas as exciting as possible for Elijah.  He has asked me if he can make some Xmas presents tomorrow - I have no idea what he has in mind but have agreed anyway.

What are some of your most special Christmas memories?  How are you planning to spend Christmas this year?

Things I'm Loving - The Boy Edition

He is the boy who loves to be outside pottering in the garden

He is the boy who has a mind of his own when it comes to posing for photos

He is the boy that will support anyone who needs it

He is the boy who, even after being puked on, will teach his little cousin to crawl on all fours

He is the boy who, given any opportunity, will draw with anything, on anything

He is the boy who will part with some of his favourite toys to make some pocket money

That's my boy!

I'm linking up to Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving

Christmas Challenge Success #1

I can now cross these off my list.  These are tea towels I bought two years ago with the intention of making them into plastic bag holders.  Super quick (about 5 minutes each), straight line stitching and a bit of elastic and ribbon is all that is needed to make these.

I'm taking part in the Christmas Challenge organised by Polka Dot Daze

My Creative Space: RWC Sock Monkey

Today, I am attempting to make one of these:

Sock Monkey Tutorial kindly put together by Sarah of Cotton Kiwi for Good Magazine

So far I have this:

So onto the bit I dislike most - hand stitching.


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Wordless Wednesday - party pooper

This kid can sleep anywhere.  I guess two 21st parties in two weeks was just a little too much.