My Christmas Challenge List

Making a list, checking it twice...

This year the majority of my gifts will be handmade (or thrifted) so I decided to join the Christmas Challenge set by Polka Dot Daze.

I have a couple of lists floating around on bits of paper and no doubt I will have forgotten someone so may end up tweaking the list a little.  But so far it looks a little like this:

2 x bag bags (the ones you keep old plastic bags in)
4 x applique tea towels
3 x skirts or dresses (for the littlies)
1 x vintage sheet picnic blanket (oh yeah this one is for me!)
2 x reusable sandwich wraps
1 x sewing bag (with fabric & other sewing bits inside)
3 x softies (two for boys and one for a girl)
4 x inspiration kits (I don't want to elaborate on this one as they are for friends)

And while the list looks short I haven't included family members that I will bake for.  Our (extended) family has grown so large and it would be impossible to buy for everyone so this year we are sticking to mostly immediate family.

So wish me luck I can get through the month in one piece!


  1. best of luck hon, I wish I had the same talent you have with a sewing machine

  2. Cool idea I can't put my list on my blog or all my people wouild know what they are getting. Your list looks great.

  3. What a fab idea. I can't wait to see if you show us some sneak peaks of what you are making (without giving too much away)


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