My Creative Space: RWC Sock Monkey

Today, I am attempting to make one of these:

Sock Monkey Tutorial kindly put together by Sarah of Cotton Kiwi for Good Magazine

So far I have this:

So onto the bit I dislike most - hand stitching.


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  1. Looking good Kelly!
    Just go for it, you can always unpick it if you don't like it. XX

  2. I've been making these too! Hand stitching is my least favourite bit also! Thankfully the last 3 that I made were for my kids and they are pretty forgiving!

  3. I've been making these too - because Emma (above!) taught me :)
    I made one each for my children, and decided at that point that 3 children is definitely enough - I don't think I will be able to make another sock monkey for a very long time!

  4. You can do it! I made one and used a couple of bed socks. Awful stuff to sew, but great to hide the handsewing!

  5. Love Mr Sock Monkey's 'tattoo' and his posing style :) He's looking very handsome!

  6. I've never tried one of these before. He looks fun! : )

  7. Looks great! I hate hand stitching too.


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