Things I'm Loving - The Boy Edition

He is the boy who loves to be outside pottering in the garden

He is the boy who has a mind of his own when it comes to posing for photos

He is the boy that will support anyone who needs it

He is the boy who, even after being puked on, will teach his little cousin to crawl on all fours

He is the boy who, given any opportunity, will draw with anything, on anything

He is the boy who will part with some of his favourite toys to make some pocket money

That's my boy!

I'm linking up to Paisley Jade's Things I'm Loving


  1. Oh, bless! He sounds like a real sweetheart - and he's super-cute as well :)

  2. He really is a darling - you are very blessed

  3. That is awesome. He is SO cute.

  4. What a great wee guy! Such cute photos.

  5. beautiful wee soul, great post!!


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